Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to find the perfect book

We all know it. We all had it.
The desperate search for the perfect book to read. How do we find it and how do we know it's the right one?
I guess we all read tons of bad written books before we find a few treasures. But what exactly is it, that makes us like the book so much?

Maybe it's nothing new for you or maybe you just got into reading .. take your time:

1. Decide on a genre

First steps first, you have to decide on a genre you'd like to read! It can be thriller, horror, romance, YA-books .. It's easier to read if you're really interested in the idea and concept of the book.

2. The book cover

Well, I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but lets be honest, a great cover catches our eye rather than a plain boring one. So, first move made you have a book in your hand but what know?

3. Summary

Just read the summary on the back? - For some books this might be enough but not every summary does exactly what it promises.

4. Reviews

Instead of going home with the book it would be more clever if you check the reviews on the internet and though everyone has its own opinion it can be really helpful! If there are more good reviews than bad, your decision to buy the book is almost made. Are there more bad reviews than good ones, you have to think a second time and if it's really worth trying to read it.

5. Look inside

Go on, have a look inside the book, read a few pages and let the words get to you.
Now, if you're still interested in the book, buy it! Just do it and don't regret it ;)

 - Lola

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