Saturday, 18 February 2017

What are books for?

I started this blog post nearly four years ago and after years of neglecting this website I found a draft with the caption "What are books for?" At this time I read an article in a magazine about books and I guess I wanted to tell you all about this article and what journalists have already found out cetera et cetera.
While I am now re-writing this post I am thinking - why shouldn't I just write my own list (you must know I am very good at writing down any kinds of lists!) because I mean if this article would have been any good I would remember, wouldn't I?

So, here we go: 5 reasons why I think we should (all) have books at home:

1) You never get bored!  If you just want a time out from your own life you can just dip into a sea of millions and thousands of other people and for a moment just imagine how their lives turn out.

2) The smell. There is almost (almost!) nothing better than the smell of a new book, untouched pages and the first crack when you open it.

3) With every word you read, every page you turn, every book you finish your own creativity starts to bring out your thoughts. How about that? In a few years you will hold your own book in your hand.

4) There are books we were meant to have. Words meant to be written. Pages meant to be read. They change our lives.

5) Just.